The Freefall

We are The Freefall!

4 guy's with unique personalities who make great music together!

We eat, sleep and guzzle music, performing live everywhere and anywhere we can. We exude energy and power on stage as we smash out our catchy pop-rock songs. We make music filled with melody and energy, composing songs about love and anything we think needs to be said. If you've felt love before then you're the person we wrote our songs for.

Our aim is to make music that you can be a part of and that's where our passion really exists, in performing live. We have performed in Europe and extensively toured around the UK and love playing to people who want to, 'let go' and have a good time.

We are currently recording our second album, which is set for release in late 2014.

Check us out on Youtube, listen to our music on the radio or say Hi to us on our Individual forums.

The Freefall
Ant, Scott, Andy & Ben

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